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Probiotics and Prebiotics

Ever wonder what all the hype is about concerning Probiotics and Prebiotics? Confused about what health claims are fact and what is fiction concerning this new natural supplement? Not sure what the difference is between a probiotic and a prebiotic?

Is Silver Sulfadiazine Cream a Good Choice for Treating Wounds in Horses?

Ascend Silver Sulfadiazine Cream 50 g

Looking for the perfect ointment to treat your horse’s wound with? Silver Sulfadiazine Cream (SSD), long used for the treatment of minor burns is finding new life as a topical wound dressing in the horse. No cream is perfect but silver sulfadiazine cream does have a lot of advantages.

Vaccines: Risk vs. Reward

Vaccines in vials

The use of vaccines has prevented death and disease in millions of animals. A vaccine is a health product designed to trigger a protective immune response in our pets and farm animals if and when they come in contact with these highly contagious and deadly diseases.

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