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Inappropriate Urination in Cats

Close up cat face

Has your cat suddenly decided to use the dirty laundry as a litter box? Maybe your cat was belligerent and backed up to the wall, spraying right in front of you. Then again, you may have been on the receiving end of an unacceptable litter box gift on your pillow. Regardless of the circumstances, your cat may be trying to bring a medical or behavioral problem to your attention.

Dog and cat stress relief coat: tips for buyers

Anxious dog

It took me a few years to recognize that it was the vacuum cleaner that was causing my fat cat to pull at his fur. Dogs and cats suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans. One way to relieve that stress is with a gentle hug, providing pressure, which calms your pet, like swaddling a newborn baby. Of course, I can’t be home 24 hours a day to give Buster the love he needs and help him with his separation anxiety, so I wrap him in a Calm Coat until I can return to swaddle him personally.

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