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Quickderm Advanced Wound Ointment - 7.5g

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For companion animals that have slight to severe wounds, QuickDerm has proven to aid in the treatment and healing process of the epidermis with lasting protection. Foot pad injuries, burns, stress-induced lick granulomas, non-infected abscesses, lacerations, secondary wounds-post surgery, decubitus ulcers, hot spots, road rash, imbedded collars, degloving injuries and declaw procedures are a few of the many wounds QuickDerm has treated with shown improvement. QuickDerm only requires application once a day, has a three year shelf life and will not compromise with excessive heat or cold. The ointment or spray is applied to the wound bed to retain moisture and provide a protective barrier to last longer. The ingredients, composed of metal ions, promote a healthy granulation bed without causing proud flesh and supports healthy production of epidermis across the wound. This formula is steroid and antibiotic free, so it "will not test" on show horses.

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