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Powecom KN95 Mask - 10 Pack

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The Powecom KN95 Face Mask is suitable for protection against powder, PM 2.5 smog, particulates, saliva, dust, etc. The face mask is wind proof and protects the face against cold weather.

Filtration effectiveness is 99.2%.

Approved by the FDA per Appendix A.


Open the mask and place the bridge of the nose in it. Then, press the bridge of the nose on the mask to close it. This improves the level of protection.

Keep the face mask clean before use. Do not touch the rear side of face mask.

Ensure the face mask fits the face by adjusting the nose piece, keeping the mask edge close to the face.

Check the air sealing of the Powecom KN95 Face Mask. Do not use if the mask is damaged.

Do not wash the face mask with water. Water will degrade the mask's filteration.

Do not steam or microwave the Powecom KN95 Face Mask.

Keep the mask away from vapor, oils, chemicals, paint, liquid, acid, and alkaline solutions.

Discard the face mask when it becomes dirty, or when breathing resistance increases substantially.

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