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Inject-N Clean Tool Kit & 32 oz Spray Bundle

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It goes where the pee goes!

Pet pee on the carpet: it happens. But topical cleaners only get the surface. 80% of pet odors are beneath the carpet--in the pad--where surface cleaners can never reach.

Inject-N Clean features a unique, patent pending applicator which solves the problem by reaching under your carpet to spray odor neutralizer directly onto the pad. Usage is as simple as:

1. Inject the tip through your carpet.
2. Lift up and spray the cleaner of your choice.

Use the Inject-N Clean Applicator by inserting the tip into your carpet and lifting up.

It's like a sanitizing sprinkler UNDER your carpet!

This bundle includes the injector tool, applicator bottle, and a bottle of 32 oz spray. Everything you need to get your carpets good as new!

Inject-N Clean
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