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Backyard Chicken Health Pack

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Backyard Chicken Health Pack contains three key products to deliver the most comprehensive poultry health approach in one attractive, innovative package that conveniently delivers enough of each product to treat 90 gallons of water. Here are the three individual products that address critical areas that can affect poultry health and survivability.

  • HealthyFlock® Tabs – Targets harmful pathogens, helps improve intestinal health and balance while helping to get more out of every pound of feed
  • Oxy E-100 – Sanitizes drinking water to help reduce exposure to pathogens that can cause disease
  • Zyfend® A – Aids in improving performance in the presence of intestinal parasites (worms) and helps offset worm-related issues. And there is no egg discard required!

The Backyard Chicken Health Pack is designed to effectively improve intestinal health, provide safe drinking water, and help protect chicks and poultry of all ages from worm related issues in just three easy steps. Each product in the pack will treat 90 gallons of water, which is enough for 25 chickens for approximately 50 days.

The Backyard Chicken Health Pack gives you a safe and easy way to help protect your chicks and poultry of all ages from naturally occurring disease-causing organisms and internal parasites. This comprehensive solution will help increase chick survivability, support overall well-being and increase the chicks’ ability to handle stress

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