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Acana Regionals Meadowland Dry Cat Food

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Acana's meat-rich cat food mirrors your cat's evolutionary diet and promotes peak health.

Acana Meadowlands — filled with free run Kentucky poultry and eggs, as well as responsibly caught freshwater catfish and rainbow trout — is 75% meat. The rest is fulfilling and healthy whole food vegetables like kale, butternut squash, collard greens, carrots and apples, with additional supplements of turmeric, rose hips, sarsaparilla and probiotics.

Your cat's evolution requires a whole meat diet rounded out by healthy vegetables and natural ingredients. Where most cat foods are filled mostly simple carbohydrates like rice or tapioca, a mostly meat food like Acana prevents spikes in your cat's blood sugar and prevents weight gain, keeping your cat happy, healthy and strong.

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