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UlcerGuard: Preventing Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

horse and sunsetHere at VetInternetCo.com, we are aware of the many challenges horse owners face every day. Having two horses, Ace and Slim, on our adjoining property has made us even more aware of an especially serious ailment in horses: equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS). UlcerGard, the only preventive medication approved by the FDA, could be the answer to protecting the special horses in your life from painful stomach ulcers. UlcerGard is a preventive medication that can help shield your horse from this terrible illness. Horses that suffer from stomach ulcers may show specific symptoms that horse owners should look out for: poor appetite, sudden changes in behavior, poor coat, mild colic and lying down more frequently. A veterinarian will be able to do specific lab tests to confirm whether or not the horse has an ulcer. Stomach ulcers can appear and recur in as little as 5 days and tend to occur more frequently during high stress periods such as during transports and competitions. A daily dosage of UlcerGard blocks stomach ulcers by halting excess acid production inside the stomach. Because UlcerGard is FDA approved, you can have peace of mind as UlcerGard is continuously monitored for safety and effectiveness. UlcerGard is effective and easy to use. UlcerGard is administered with a syringe orally. To determine the appropriate dosage for your horse, simply follow the instructions on the packaging. UlcerGard is a wonderful way to ensure your horse is safe from stomach ulcers. As always, consult your veterinarian to determine whether UlcerGard is right for your horse. GastroGard is a prescription-strength version of UlcerGard. It requires a prescription from your veteriarian to buy.

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