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Dog and cat stress relief coat: tips for buyers

Anxious dog

It took me a few years to recognize that it was the vacuum cleaner that was causing my fat cat to pull at his fur. Dogs and cats suffer from anxiety and stress just like humans. One way to relieve that stress is with a gentle hug, providing pressure, which calms your pet, like swaddling a newborn baby. Of course, I can’t be home 24 hours a day to give Buster the love he needs and help him with his separation anxiety, so I wrap him in a Calm Coat until I can return to swaddle him personally.

What are Calm Coats?

Calm Coat is a brand of pet anxiety coat. These are soft wraps with Velcro straps which exert pressure on your dog or cat, like a gentle hug. These products provide much needed relief from:

  • Severe shaking
  • Excessive barking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Pulling fur

which can be caused by:

If you are in the market for a pet anxiety coat, there are a few things you should know about sizing your pet before making your purchase.

How do I measure my pet for a Calm Coat?

The Calm Coat is easy to put on and take off, but how can you be sure it will fit your pet?

The coat is placed around the head first, and the long body portion wraps around the midsection twice, until the velcro straps meet. This makes for an adjustable fit, and the stretchy, durable fabric holds your pet tight.

Take a measurement before purchasing a Calm Coat in order to get a good fit. Measure your pet around the chest and midsection (see charts for differences between dog and cat measurements). Compress any fluffy fur to get an accurate measurement.

The following size guides should give you an indication of the correct size to order:


Cats may be larger in the midsection than the chest or rib area due to weight issues or breed type. If your cat’s midsection measurement is larger than the chest, order a size up.

Chest Size Weight Coat Size
9” - 13” up to 9 lbs Small
13” - 17” 9 to 13 lbs Medium
17” - 24” 13 lbs and up Large


For dogs, the chest should be the accurate measurement for sizing, but if your dog’s midsection or belly is larger than the chest measurement, order one size up to be safe.

Chest Size Weight Coat Size
13” - 18” 10 to 18 lbs Extra Small
16” - 23” 15 to 25 lbs Small
18” - 26” 20 to 50 lbs Medium
24” - 32” 40 to 70 lbs Large

See our product pages for more information:

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Resources for pet owners suffering from behavioral issues:

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