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Can Seresto Collars Really Protect Against Fleas and Ticks for 8 Months?

Seresto Collar

The flea and tick collar is a tried and tested method of protecting your pet from pests during the buggy summer season, but most of them need replacing every month or two. Bayer's Seresto Collar for Dogs and Cats is a newcomer to the flea and tick game with a big promise that it will last 8 months—potentially outlasting the fleas and ticks, even, in your area. Does it measure up to its promise? And how does it do it?

The short answer is, yes, it does.

To start with, Seresto uses a unique combination of active ingredients.

  • Imidacloprid - is a time-tested chemical used in flea collars to prevent and kill fleas that try to jump on your dog or cat.
  • Flumethrin - defends against ticks and mites with great success.

This combination of ingredients is unique to the Seresto collar, and makes it effective against not only fleas and ticks, but also mites and mange.

That said, Seresto's real killer app is timed release. 8 months worth of flea and tick-killing goodness are embedded in the collar, and designed to release slowly over time, in low concentrations. This ensures a steady supply of protection for your pet. The active ingredients will automatically spread over your dog or cat's skin when released from the collar. In addition, the lower concentrations released by the collar over time help reduce the risk of reactions from your pet by controlling the dose, limiting the active ingredients to just the amount needed to be effective at any given time.

So given the right ingredients, and its innovative timed release of those ingredients, studies have proven Bayer's claims about Seresto.

Additionally, Seresto is water-resistant and can withstand ordinary use such as rain and doggie baths. For dogs who swim once a month or more, immersion can reduce the product's effectiveness to 5 months against fleas and 7 months against ticks.

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