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LubriSyn HA: A Joint Supplement for Animals & Humans Alike

going for a dog walkIt’s normal for animals and people alike to get a little stiff from time to time when maintaining an active lifestyle. VetInternetCo.com enjoys keeping you up to speed on quality products that can truly benefit both you and your special pet, and LubriSyn HA is one of those products.

Is that a Tapeworm Crawling Out of Your Dog or Cat?

Have you noticed a flat half-inch long worm or longer crawling from your dog or cat's anal area or have you noticed what appears to be dried rice or cucumber seeds on the coat of your pet in the perineal area (body area surrounding the anal, and vaginal openings)?   Then your pet may be suffering from an infection with tapeworms.

Aerial Photo of Our Warehouse

VIC is a family-owned, independent business based in beautiful North Alabama. Our staff has over 32 years experience in the pet field, with a consulting veterinarian on staff, and we know what cutting edge products will keep your pet happy and healthy. We want to be your trusted source for pet products. Vitamins and supplements, medicated shampoos and skin care, stress relief and support for dogs, cats and horses—these are just a sampling of the veterinary medical products we have to offer.

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