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Treating Your Dog’s Joint Pain

Is your dog more sluggish to retrieve the ball they once couldn’t reach fast enough, or more reluctant to run and greet you at the door when you come home? Your dog may be silently suffering from joint pain. Dogs of all ages and sizes can develop joint pain for a number of reasons. Not to worry though, there are plenty of ways to prevent and treat your pup’s stiff joints from supplements to prescription medications.

English Bulldogs: Medical Problems You Should Know About

English Bulldog sprawled out in humorous fashion

The English or British Bulldog is an old breed of dog originally developed on the British Isles. Ancient Mastiffs from Asia are believed to have been used to establish the core of the breed.  The early Mastiffs were known for their ferocity and their ability to bring down aggressive prey.  The first English Bulldogs were bred in the 13th century for “Bull baiting” and dog fighting.  The goal was to develop a breed that was nearly insensitive to pain.

Aerial Photo of Our Warehouse

VIC is a family-owned, independent business based in beautiful North Alabama. Our staff has over 32 years experience in the pet field, with a consulting veterinarian on staff, and we know what cutting edge products will keep your pet happy and healthy. We want to be your trusted source for pet products. Vitamins and supplements, medicated shampoos and skin care, stress relief and support for dogs, cats and horses—these are just a sampling of the veterinary medical products we have to offer.

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